The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT
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By Gilles
#68321 Hi Victor

I think it's a beug:
In the setup / view
I put OFF "display the navigation bar"

I go on my page
when I slide down the broker is disconnect (in the log of mosquitto I can see my phone ask for disconned)

when I put ON "display the navigation bar" all is good and the broker is not disconnect.

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By Frisco
#68631 Hi
Have just made attachment, which uses:
- PubSubClient library by Nick O'Lesry Version 2.6.0 - Arduino 1.8.2 default library - Instead of PubSubClient library v 1.91.1

Hope some can use this.

(I used PubSubClient 2.6.0 because I hoped, I could get SSL security, along with WiFiClientSecure. However, this does not succeed )

Many thanks for IoT Manager
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By murrayc2000
#68949 I am setting up a nodeMCU to run as a Belkin wemo using the "" library and being connected by WiFiManager but I get errors whenever I try to put these two libraries in the same sketch. Is there any known compatibility issues between these two libraries?

Thanks for your help in advance.