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By Avoncliff
#64020 Any updates to this?
I am using a 32Mbit flash on a 12E, and making good progress on my pwm led control.
But I can not get ota to work. Can I use 1024 flash size builds on this 4096 flash? So far I could not get that to work but not sure about the rest of the configuration.
I have just used to reflash
boot_v1.6 to 0x0000,
blank to 0xfe000 & 0x3fe000,
esp_init_data_default to 0x3fc000 and the
SDK 1024+1024/ to 0x1000,
and it refused to boot with error magic! jump to run user2@81000. So I loaded the user2.2048.5.bin to 81000 and it boots up and directly connects to my wifi.
So where is it storing the wifi password and the option to use user2?