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By AlbrechtMe
#64017 Hi, on my ESP-01s I have a little test program, which shows the internet IP:
Code: Select allcls
print "Who am I? "
button "IP", [IP]

print wget("www.stat-econ.uni-kiel.de/ip")

With the (nearly default) settings
any PC or smartphone in the local net at home using the local IP of the ESP gets a result by clicking this "IP button".
If I set a port forwarding in my router for ports 80-81 to the local IP of the ESP, all is working nice on any PC outside in the world.
If I forward only port 80, the button shows up, but does not work.
I want to use the ESP through a porttunnel with an IP filter, which uses only one port.
(So I could restict the users of the ESP web page to only a few IPs).
Even if I try to use two port tunnels (one for port 80 and one for port 81), the IP button does not work.
Where is the trick or background, that the second port 81 (WS port) is really needed for a simple web page like this? I made many web pages and programmed them by PHP or Delphi (!!!) and they only need normal HTML (and/or Javascript) and only one port to work.