Chat freely about the open source Javascript projects for ESP8266
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By sfranzyshen
#56874 There is a new player in town ... and it's from Samsung ... JerryScript is a lightweight JavaScript engine for resource-constrained devices such as microcontrollers. It can run on devices with less than 64 KB of RAM and less than 200 KB of flash memory. ... ts/esp8266
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By captain-normal
#70073 I'm looking for an open source browser for the ESP8266 (or something I can port to it), with Javascript support. Aim is to display web pages which contain embedded Javascript. I'm happy to accept some limitations on the HTML and Javascript implementations.

I came across this post. Jerryscript looks like it could be what I am after. Can anyone recommend a browser that would interface with it? Or does anyone have an alternative solution they could suggest if they think I'm barking up the wrong tree?