Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266
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By GWizez
#70617 Hi every one. Programming teacher as refere me to DEV C++ so I don't need to buy a new computer, to have VS10, to code at home. Being a student, I aint rich so I can't buy computer yearly.

How ever, I've learn to code using Arduino than ESP stuff, but I've ever really touch C++ for a computer a computer. This being sayed, I speak Québécois by the way, Using DEV C++ is kinda nice, so I was woundering if there was any way I could use it to code for ESP8266/ESP32, without using the Arduino IDE. So if you have any experience to share, or just a good link to a How to, would be really great. :D

I'm kinda looking for possibles, and no "it's impossible". So, if you have the kindness to reply to this post, please keep that in mind ;)