Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266
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By josemar.bool
#69145 Hi everyone.
I have a problem with unofficial SDK v2.2.1 witheclipse Oxygen on Windwos 8.1 (With old version of SDK works).

I installed java JDK, installed eclipse in C:, installed MinGw, installed the SDK 2.2.1 and run the script for install extra packets for MinGw (everything as admin).

I Launch eclipse, import examples and add the path for auto complete. But, when i try compile the blinky example I have one error with file eagle.app.sym:

Code: Select allmingw32-make.exe -f C:/Espressif/examples/ESP8266/blinky2/Makefile all
CC user/user_main.c
AR build/app_app.a
LD build/app.out
Run objcopy, please wait...
objcopy done
Run gen_appbin.exe
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "gen_appbin.py", line 273, in <module>
  File "gen_appbin.py", line 145, in gen_appbin
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: './eagle.app.sym'
../common_nonos.mk:230: recipe for target 'build/app.out' failed
mingw32-make.exe: *** [build/app.out] Error 255

I tried uninstall programs, clear all packet of MinGw and reinstall every one program again but had the same error.

Somebody had that problem?

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By ChrisK
#69560 Hi all,
Has anyone done any other project using freeRTOS apart from those 2 freertos examples ( esp_rtos_sdk_example & esp_rtos_sdk_example2) which are located in C:\Espressif\examples.????

First of all I realized that the address in freeRTOS eagle.irom0text.bin must be ---->0x20000 not 0x10000 not 0x40000.
After that when I tried to modify this project to make a simple telnet server for example when a device was connected to the esp8266 it was a fatal error (3) and reboot all the time. (the esp8266 was configured as softap) any ideas?

Thanks in advance