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By trackerj
Felipe Diel wrote:Beautiful!
Can it control a 110v bulb? Do I have to change something?
Does the lamp need to be dimmable?

Thank you!

Do you mean the MPDMv4 AC Dimmer? If yes then the answer is YES, it's working on both EU 240VAC/50Hz and US 110VAC/60Hz without any extra user side changes.
Same apply to the new MPDMv7.5/8.2 AC Dimmer DevBoard that is basically a MPDMv4 + ESP8266 + MAINS PSU + HW Switch + some other extra goodies that will provide you a fully integrated development platform for your AC MAINS related projects.

And yes, the lamp need to be a true dimmable one. Generally speaking it's hard to impossible to dimm something that is not designed to be dimmable. The best example are the cheap "dimmable" LED lightbulbs that have inside only a constant current driver with universal MAINS input (90-240VAC).

Happy breadboarding,