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Which module form factor do you prefer?

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By Bianco
gwizz wrote:This thread (and others) is really helpful for getting to grips with the modules but the info could do with being brought together into the first post - and even making it sticky in this sub-forum?

gbit wrote:See also ESP8266-Modules-Comparison.pdf or ESP8266-Modules-Comparison.odt.

Is there an extensive up-to-date comparison?

I'm looking for a versatile module, easy to program, ideally breadboard-friendly. Decent range is a plus but I don't think I need an external antenna.
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By mchahn
RichardS wrote:I have checked many times and only once in at least 10-20 checks they were.

How do you check? The FCC only requires that you test it yourself and file the results in a drawer. Nothing is submitted to any approval agency. If there is a complaint they come and check your files.

And there are two levels of checking. Industrial use, which is more lax, and consumer use, which is strict. I don't know what a module would require. Maybe nothing since it is always part of a product and the product is what matters.
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By mchahn
#59982 Please ignore that post. I was thinking of FCC work I did in a company that made consumer electronics. But the product did not have any RF xmit capabilities. (Hand hits head).