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By kolban
#59321 Howdy Luis,
There is no such thing as a hardcopy of the book. If you want a hardcopy, download the PDF and take it to an office store ... I'm sure they'll be able to mass print it and bind it for a fee. My thinking has always been that as the content changes, I would just re-release a new PDF ... so there is no plan for there ever to be a final release.

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By Beckenbauer
#60589 Hello Neil,

thank You for this great book on the ESP. It is very helpful. It could be made even more helpful if it would have a numbering scheme for the chapters: e.g. like: 6.3.1
This would make it much easier to find orientation while reading. E.g. I was reading the chapter "ESP8266WebServer" - after some time I noticed that this is valid only for the Arduino IDE.

Best regards