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By btidey
#64661 My version of an IR blaster at https://github.com/roberttidey/IRBlasterWeb

Transmits remote control codes from http commands.
Built in simple web page mainly for testing. ip/ir
Normal use is via POST messages. ip/irjson
Status check at ip/check
Includes OTA update to new binaries at ip/firmware

Commands are primarily initiated by device name and button name with internal device config tables to translate into pulse sequence definitions.

Output of the codes is via an interrupt driven bit bang library with ir modulation done using the i2s clock technique.

Still a work in progress as I have only done full config for the remotes I use.
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By btidey
#65051 Now supports macros stored in SPIFFS. Sequences can be saved as macros and then executed.

This makes it easier to set up with IFTTT and Alexa as the actions can be a macro and the commands executed can be tweaked without changing the Alexa / IFTTT set up. Details on github
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By btidey
#71983 I have updated the git for this ir blaster code quite a bit. It now stores the configuration for buttons and what codes to use for a set of remote controls in files stored in SPIFFs. This makes it much easier to update and add new remotes without changing the firmware.

I have also include some of the FSBrowser code so that files can be uploaded, and deleted directly on the ESP itself from a browser interface.

As well as the git I have an instructable at https://www.instructables.com/id/ESP-12-Infra-Red-Blaster/