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By Luc Volders
#79344 Did not know where to post it.
It is an IOT subject and an ESP-Basic subject. However it is also a complete project.

My girlfriend has some paintings in a gallery that is sometimes unmanned. However there are people in the same building (it's a library) so I had to find a way to warn them when a painting is being moved.

This can easily be adapted for being an alarm when a door or window is opened or someone is trying to steel your cookies or butterfingers......

Easy with a vibration sensor, an ESP8266-01 and some simple ESP-Basic code. Packed in my own designed 3D printed box.


Look here for full instructions, schematics and code:

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By AcmeUK
#79370 One good security method for pictures is to put marbles in the back of the frame so that when the picture is moved the marbles fallout with a clatter. :idea:

Sorry old technology. :lol: