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By larzzz101
#56411 Hello all,

Last night I have been playing around with the several projects that use the ESP8266 with a VS1053 to make a little webradio. These projects are awesome, but what I was really looking for is a way to be able to stream music from say my phone to an ESP8266. So completely convinced that someone had already made this I started googling for a project that makes an ESP8266 a networked DLNA device to stream audio to, but to my surprise this does not seem to exist.

It has been a while since I have done anything serious with the ESP8266, but this sounds like a really interesting challenge. However I started wondering why this is not done yet? I suppose that since an ESP8266 can quite easily stream an icecast radio stream it should be possible to do it over DLNA, right?

So what I'm asking is: is there anyone that has attempted this? Is there a reason why this is not done yet (like that is is simply not possible due to some limitations)? I think that this is a project that I would like to get started on. It probably seems easiest to start by really getting a good understanding of the DLNA protocol and start with an existing open source library as base like libdlna.

Any advice, links to good articles on the protocol or other forms of advice that could help me started would be really appreciated!

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By altaf53
#83036 @larzzz101 Hi
It's so awesome to know there is someone who thinks similar..
Are you still on this project ?
Would love to have an update on this.... Even if not completed would you like to give me an idea for this.. I am really interested..