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By marcok625
#84419 Hi all,
I have studing for arrive a goal for my project, open and close the shutters doors with smartphone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVDjUWJguRM

My idea is used a nodemcu esp12 and motor shield to manage two gearmotor, four microswitchs and any sensor, such as light sensor and rain sensor.
For opend and close aren't necessary the 230V because all the system is manage by a power bank taht recharge from a solar panel.
The mechanical parts (lever) that I used for open are obtained with 3D printer.
In this moment I stay study the software, because I'am a technical mechanical designer and I don't know very well the HTML and Javascript code.
This project is realized only by me, in my free time, ( lunch time) I'd like to meet people can know the programming language to help me, and join forces to reach the goal.
Now I searching the possible solution with youtube help, but is not easy.

What do you think about this project?