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By christophe195
#90501 Sorry, i did not get a notification about your question.

i want to make a library for controlling the printer.

The first run was perfect, no network dropping. Every bod came out the printer...

But now i want to update a part of the setup (and i hope it's final).

i want to remove the spi.h plugin if possible, the display works over the spi bus and changing multiple times the printer does not move. I do not know what pin's i can use for hspi but i think it can without it.

Btidey do you have time to assist me with this again?

  • Switch from node MCU to the TTGO T-display -> i can not get the hspi going
  • network system with webinterface for chaning network settings -> 90% done
  • Making image printing possible
  • Create library for controlling printer