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By kovand11
#56617 It is my getting started project with the ESP8285 chip, and my main goal is to learn how this chip works.

My not final schematic:

The things I want to achive:
  • LiPo battery operation (JST-PH2)
  • UART Programmibility
  • A few sensor on the I2C bus
  • Optional deep sleep
  • 8 exposed pins for testing

The topics that are bit unclear and I would be grateful to get some insight are:
  • How exactly the deep sleep and the wakeup works?
  • Is this board sufficient to be programmed with an USB->UART programmer?
  • Are there any hidden differences between the ESP8566 and the ESP8585 (besides the larger memory)?

Updated schematic:

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By kovand11
schufti wrote:you don't want to connect rst directly to xpd as it will give you headache when reprogramming ...

The only risk I see, is the possibility of a reset loop, if I set the port low in code. Is there anything else? Now I have a diode after the port, to protect it, and also have the possibility to disconnect it.