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By eqsOne
DaPeace wrote:..brightness is only calulated and send back to the plugin..

Exactly, that's what happens. I was stumbling at the same point, thought it would be more complex as well. The controller still works rock solid yet. Good luck and happy tinkering!
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By Tmurphy
#60676 Is there a way for me to wire in a physical switch (pushbutton) that when pressed would switch the state of the lights? For instance, if the lights are off, turn them on. If the lights are on, turn them off?
I wanted to just wire the switch to ground and GPIO 5 so when it is shorted to ground, it would send a request to toggle the light. I want to try to do this all on one module.
Please reply.
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By eqsOne
#60706 I'm not entirely sure but I don't think so. Philips own switch uses seperate buttons for on and off commands via zigbee.

HomeKit uses one single virtual on/off button within the Home App, but I don't think this 'iOS-device-side' can be implemented easily into a Hardware switch.

Well, my thoughts are not engraved in stone, maybe there is a way, anyone please correct me if you have a solution.
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By DaPeace
#62338 Why should it be a problem to add a button? the controller-code has an on and off url..
You can simply use a button and another esp that triggers the on an off-url..
You can also wire a button to the esp with the lightstrip itsself and check for the button-state and switch it on and off if you want..