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By PerH
#75941 I have an RFXtrx433 unit in my home automation system, this is a USB unit that communicates by serial at 38400 8N1.
I want this connected to my controller by Wifi, and have a few Wemos D1 mini boards laying around.

First i thought i'd just connect the USBs together and load ESPLink. No game, as the ESP didnt deliver power to the RFX.

I then tried to connect it at the 5V and RX/TX pins, and got som LED activity on the RFX, but no communication. After some fiddling around swapping RX/TX i got a few messages through, but no stable connection.

What am i doing wrong here? USB Serial levels are compatible with the RX/TX on the ESP right? Any other SW than ESPLink to try?

Any help is appreciated! :)
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By PerH
#75943 Yes, this dawned on me at the first attempt where nothing happened connecting them together. ;)

The WEMOS does however have the regular TTL serial interface in addition to the USB port, and I (admittedly with limited knowledge) thought that could work, as the RFX seems to be a native Serial device requiring a serial driver on the connecting PC?

The RFX did start up and started reciveing 433 messages, so it doesnt seem to need any header info or similar on USB?
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By Pablo2048
#75944 Well, how do you know that RFX is native serial device? It's USB device, probably using CDC class. Don't even think about USB as a simple 3V3 TXD/RXD interface - read the specification first please before doing stupid things like connecting D+ / D- USB signals to RXD/TXD @ ESP8266...
Edit: According to this http://www.rfxcom.com/RFXtrx433E-USB-43 ... sceiver/en it contain FTDI so to get this to work you have to open RFX, search for TXD, RXD @ FTDI, solder wires to get signals out and cut FTDI TXD wire...