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By McChubby007
quackmore wrote:hey, this is a cool thread!

I have a question
didn't read the doc yet
pardon me if it will sound goofy ...

is your library intended just for testing or also for diagnostic ?

I mean trying to register what goes wrong and it's so hard to reproduce later ...

Thanks for your reply; I'm glad there is further interest.

To your question: I think it is well suited to al aspects really. From initial problem determination (tracking code execution, logging data), through to final optimisation (profiling execution and memory/resource usage) and then into operation (logging of certain events, data etc). Obviously tracing too much in operation might impact it's normal use so that has to be used in the relevant way according to your project.

Right now, it is possible to produce text reports, either over serial/uart, to spiffs or over udp/tcp. I also have an option to stream raw trace data (far smaller and compressed than text), over the same routes (serial, spiffs and tcp/udp) which is then analysed off-line on your PC (the same analysis software runs on the pc as does the esp8266 so it is guaranteed to be the same results). I have designed all the software to be modular and platform agnostic so all of the tools run on Linux as well as esp8266 - I actually develop a lot of it on PC - I can also use the trace/profiling in the same way on the PC as I do internal on the esp8266.

The PC TRAP tool has a Linux/posix 'wrapper' around the core and uses libConfig; so it will not run on Windows. Perhaps someone would help to port onto windows once it is ready for use in a couple of weeks.

Hope that helps.
Carry on the questions as you have them - I enjoy the fedback.
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By McChubby007
#80344 Ready?

Good... Yet again I am left disappointed, but perhaps not so surprised. On Monday I posted on this topic asking a simple question which I asked for you to answer for me, to help me focus my work on this project. To date I have had NONE (I did get a post but that was a question to me).

Another post I made last night has has 80 views so it is not that people are not visiting this site.

How long does it take to answer yes/no? Really? If you answered yes, you could also have added a sentence about your opinion - how long does that take? Less time than it has taken to read this latest post of mine. You all seem to have planty of time to want immediate answers to your innane (and sometimes pathetic) 'bugs' and issues.

Bone idle, lazy.

And above all else : SELFISH !
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By McChubby007
#80345 From now on, since it is quite obvious that there are only about 6 or so contributors who have anything worth saying then I will PM you directly with the tool and/or any news, as it is you whom I respect and appreciate any feedback.

The rest of you can carry-on in your own dumb lethargic ways and you will not hear anything further from me. If anyone wishes to communicate with me, then PM me, as I will not be contributing to this forum again, as it appears to be a totally selfish one-way street. Unfortunately, I seem to have come to the same conclusion as Ian who posted a few days ago... For the most part this forum is not useful and full of wasters.
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By Oldbod
#80347 Happened to notice this advertised as a recent post at the bottom of the sub forum I was visiting.

I downloaded and read your document: it sounds like it describes a pretty much ideal environment though I have no idea how you achieve it.

I'd be really happy to see this live, but I know from experience that most people will read a spec and think yeah, great, can I try it then - no, well if I have a problem it might help with I'll remember and see if it works. You won't get much feedback until the product is out there in some form. This is frustrating, because you're working really hard on it and trying to build something just right based on user input - and you don't get any.

If you don't give up, and get the product out there a bit, some will come!

Good luck!