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Re: Tracing, Reporting, Analysis & Profiling Tool (TRAP)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2021 5:42 pm
by zecago
McChubby007 wrote:
TRAP Design & Usage.pdf

I recently mentioned that I have a long standing project in development but I am not done with the software such as I can release it to you all, however I have documented the main concepts of the library and its features.

The tool has an API/library and associated tooling/analysis, so that you can trace your code execution in real-time, print/log anywhere (including ISRs) and be able to finely measure the performance of the parts of the code that you select for profiling instrumentation.

So, I am attaching the document here, and ask that if you are interested please read through and ask any questions or raise and problems you see with it.

Dear McChubby007, I'm excited about your tool. I have been studied programming languages for esp8266, and it can be powerful for my studies. Could you tell me if this tool is available to use?

ps: I could not send PM because I'm a new user.