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By andrew500w
voyager wrote:Sure. What are tinkering? Just explain your idea.

Hi voyager,

Almost all the new photo and video cameras are wifi enabled and it can be controlled by an smartphone across an android or OS app, the idea is to use the ES8266 instead of the smartphone because in many cases it is not possible to use a smartphone.

The ES8266 plus a cheap 8 bit microcontroller are the ideal solution for this, the project seems very simple but there is a lot of work for doing so that everything works, first it is that sniffing the traffic that takes place between the camera and the smartphone to be able to reproduce it, and part of this work is done.

The Sony cameras use the Direct-Wifi protocol and although the specifications of the ES8266 say that it is Direct-Wifi enabled, I have not found information on this matter and nobody (as far as I know) has used it this way.

I could communicate the ES8266 with the Panasonic cameras up to the point in which the camera asks for traffic from the app, I have tried to do the same with the Sony cameras and there is not established the communication (authentication, association, EAPOL key).

If you are interested in the project we can begin when you want.
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By ProfePaco
#11775 This is an interesting project.

However, I think we should consider also the use of a camera directly attached to ESP8266. There is no need of a processor, and no need to understand a traffic protocol.