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By Bonzo
#86331 I was think of a project to do and while talking to the daughters boyfriend about LED lights I came up with an idea - a simplified clock.

Basically addressable strip lights on an aluminium backing with a NodeMcu, RTC, photo diode, button and PSU.

Gets the time from a NTC server once a week and saves it to the RTC
Auto dims the display
Displays hours, min and seconds
Gets the temperature of the greenhous via my website and displays it on the bottom row
Push the button and all the LED's change to white and full brightness for a "work light"
Turns off the LED's overnight
OTA programming

I am still thinking about putting a black acrylic panel over to hide the workings as I think it looks to basic. I may try adding a back light.
I have room for another strip if I can think of something else to display.


Time displayed in the photo 1:05