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By Alain Mollo
#87400 Hi Everybody, please excuse my poor english (i'm french) but i would like to share you my latest project. It's a basic language with most of usefull commands and very easy to use web interface. This is a small price licence product (less than 0.50 cents Euro) and for the end of the year, licences are offered !!!
The web site is now at : http://basic8266.ddns.net and you can reach me by mail at alain.mollo@aliceadsl.fr.
You can found a complete documentation on the web site but it's in french, sorry.
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By Luc Volders
#87517 Interesting as I was always a big fan of ESPBasic.
However all the commands for the sensors are missing.
And I do not like the license part.
I guess not a lot of people are willing to pay a license fee as long as the Arduino IDE is free of charge just like Python and a bunch of other languages.