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By quackmore
#89626 another thought...

from the images you attached to the previous post

it looks like that once you flash the old binary
it takes control and you start talking with the node firmware not the esp boot

that could be the reason you couldn't successfully flash and run the build generated by nodemcu-build.com
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By maxniz
#89627 I did a test by flashing only the your first block in(0x00000 )...after that, I continue to receive data from the serial ... to stop it I must to reset and return to my ancient file
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By quackmore
#89628 I think it's a good sign,
the problem is into the flashing process you are using
and probably you are really flashing a binary now!
that first file is the SDK, it cannot run alone...

you have three chances:
1) use the same tool and try flashing the file (just that, no other one) you received from nodemcu-build.com (flash it at 0x00000)
2) use the same tool and try flashing the binaries I built but revert the order, start with file 0x10000.bin then file 0x00000.bin (don't forget to revert the addresses too)
3) change the flashing tool, have you tried the Espressif one or esptool.py ?