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By Aaron Chand
#95038 We are working on a project that needs communication between ESP8266s. We used ESPNOW to send MAC addresses between our ESPs. Our goal is to share this and give others a simple and easy way to use ESPNOW on the ESP8266. We look forward to reading your comments on this topic.
Code: Select all/*
Super Simple Minimalist Easy ESPNOW
This is an easy way to communicate between ESP8266s.
*no error checking
*no encryption
*broadcast only
*unlimited number of transceivers
*Six bits+Five bytes of sender id and/or payload(two low order bits of first byte are reserved)
*250 bytes of optional payload
Aaron Chand
Tim Hayward
License: MIT License
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <espnow.h>
uint8_t broadcastAddress[] = {0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF};
/* Optional Custom MAC Address
uint8_t newMACAddress[] = {0x44, 0x44, 0x44, 0x44, 0x44, 0x44};
bool OkayToSend; //Sending is Complete
typedef struct struct_message {
  //structure example to send data //must match the receiver structure
 char a[250];
} struct_message;
struct_message myData; // create a data structure called myData

char s [32];
void OnDataRecv(uint8_t * mac, uint8_t *incomingData, uint8_t len) { //receive data
  memcpy(&myData, incomingData, sizeof(myData));
  char macStr[18];
    Serial.print("Data received");
    snprintf(macStr, sizeof(macStr), "%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x:%02x",
    mac[0], mac[1], mac[2], mac[3], mac[4], mac[5]);
void OnDataSent(uint8_t *mac_addr, uint8_t sendStatus) {
  OkayToSend = true;
void setup() {
  Serial.begin(115200); //Init Serial Monitor
  Serial.println("Super Simple Minimalist Easy ESPNOW");
  WiFi.mode(WIFI_STA); //Set Device as a WiFi Station
  /* Uncomment to Set Custom MAC Address
  wifi_set_macaddr(STATION_IF, &newMACAddress[0]);

  esp_now_init(); //init ESPNOW
  esp_now_add_peer(broadcastAddress, ESP_NOW_ROLE_COMBO, 1, NULL, 0); //add peer
void loop() {
  strcpy(myData.a,"THIS IS THE PAYLOAD"); //set values to send
  while (!OkayToSend){}
  OkayToSend = false;
  esp_now_send(0, (uint8_t*) &myData, sizeof(myData)); // send a message
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