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By Thanos
#42763 Amazing work indeed!!!!

I've tested it and it works fine. I want to make something similar with a reed switch for door/windows and combining your logic but instead of a pir having a circuit from pos > 10K > ( from here also goes to >diode and to 1K for GPIO2) > ReedSwitch > neg. It worked partially meaning, when reed switch is open... the the signal goes to 1 with the 10k pullup and no matter if the reed is closed again the esp8266 stays on until instructed to sleep again. Problem is that while the reed switch is closed the state is always 0, and CH_PD low so any timed executions are not running until the reed is triggered again.

Any ideas if there is any work around for this would really be cool.

Once again great logic pal... it worked amazingly!!!! Maybe it could work like that to feed a dallas or any low voltage sensor so it could close and open with esp8266 working cycle instead of being on all the time.

Keep up the good work!!!
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By big819
joyrider3774 wrote:yesterday i tried the circuit again, I think i had set it up wrong the first time i tried to create it.
It *seems* to work now but the esp8266 (huzzah from adafruit) behaves eraticly. it works a few times and then i get all giberish on the serial connection and it keeps doing this, then sometimes it works again. on a few occasions i had it happen that the eps8266 seemed to be stuck not reacting to "pir movement resets" and constantly using around 70mA, not sure what its doing then but i also see gibberish on the serial line then.

I did change the pulluppin and pir sensor pin to pin 4 & 5 on the huzzah.

If someone also has an adafruit huzzah can they test it out to see if this actually can work on it ? I'm connecting my 3.7v lithium ion battery to bat+ & gnd and pir is connected directly to battery as well.
when i wrote my previous post i did not do this and used the 3.3v pin to power pir and that seemed to cause problems also.
My pir works at 3.3v by bypassing a regulator.

From what i can see by adding numerous serial println's is that the pir pin is being waited for to go low correctly. And i think the ch_pd up works as well. I'm not certain though but i think with the huzzah this is pulled up by default and you have to bring it momentary down and back up to reset.

It does seem to work sometimes but not consistent.

I'm guessing the giberish on the serial line is communication from the esp8266 modules itselve, but i've tried all the baud rates in the combobox in the serial monitor in arduino ide and it stil did not show probably.

So if someone knows if this is possible with huzzah at all or has some time to test it out with their own huzzy and let me know the results it might save me time trying to get it to work since i'm only a beginner and don't know if the huzzah may work with this setup

were you able to get it working more reliably? and if so, can you share a bit of your diagram? I am trying to get it working on the ESP8266-12 instead of the 01 version which everyone is using. I am not even certain that ESP8266-12 version can work, or if anything has to be changed to make the ESP8266-12 to work. Haven't had any success for the past 2 days, please help! thanks
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By Shirish Jadav
#44289 I think you can use a Cap after Diode that would keep the pins high for long duration until the device can come up and power the other gpio so as to keep ch_pin high. btw how much is power consumption in sleep by pulling ch pin low? I just want to know figure of ESP no other circuits attached ??