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By bkomac
#56328 The same is with me. I get 3.24 V from PIR to CH_PD. I tried with a small capacitor, but also no luck.
If I use a switch instead of PIR, everything works as it should.
I'm using ESP 8266-12 and D-SUN PIR (from ebay). PIR stays on about 2 seconds, so it can't be a timing problem.
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By Craig54321
#58630 Great work here. I've tried both of the schematics on the original post and have similar problems with both: The CH_PD appears to be held high by the ESP8266. And this is denying the device from sleeping. Once detaching the CH_PD from the circuits the ESP8266 seems to let go of this CH_PD high state. Then the the chip sleeps (well, really the chip is turned off). Any ideas what my problem is? I suspect that maybe I have damaged the ESP8266 in one of my configurations.