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By ianbren
#60575 Hi there - happy 2017.

Over Xmas I tried out this project and I still can't get it to work as described. It seems that CH_PD doesn't react to the pulse from the PIR. I've tried two different types with no joy.

Could someone post maybe an ebay link to a PIR that works please? I'll chase down the component from there.


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By sabooker
#61627 OK, I believe I have figured out what is going on. I am using a reed switch in replace of the PIR with one pin connnected to vcc and the other to the input location for the PIR. I believe I need a ground for GPIO 2, but am not sure on how to wire the reed switch for this.

I don't want to power off the ESP until the reed switch is closed. Not sure if anyone has any ideas.