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By chyneuze
#32422 Hi,

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you my contribution to the world of ESP8266.
I made a weather station with the ESP8266.


Here is the diagram of the assembly:


I use the mechanical parts of a WMR200 weather station.
And as thermometer, hygrometer and barometer the BME280.

The system is fully autonomous and operates on batteries and solar panel.

Image Image

More information and photos on my website: http://chynehome.com/web/station-meteo-a-base-de-esp8266-2/
Librairies and Sketch here: http://chynehome.com/web/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Personal_Weather_Sation_ESP8266_V2.zip
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By Mmiscool
#32426 That is awesome. You going to start selling a kit?
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By chyneuze
Mmiscool wrote:That is awesome. You going to start selling a kit?

Thank you!
I don't know if i will make some kit :D , but it's already the 2nd station i made.
You can find the first version here: http://chynehome.com/web/station-meteo-a-base-de-esp8266/

When you have a component like the ESP8266 able to do all the work, make something like that becoming to be too easy :lol: