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By Tomer
alonewolfx2 wrote:
Tomer wrote:Yes, I will share it today or tomorrow, just need to setup github/bitbucket/whatever :)

i preffer github :) this is nice work.

I updated the original message with the link to the source code in github :)
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By Slartibartfast
#4775 I have not been able t get this to work - I'm using ESP Flasher and I seem to be ok at flashing the official current release but not the one you have posted here.

Can you confirm the explicit instruction for downloading - particularly which file goes to what base (0x00000 or 0x40000) addresss. Stragely, when the official release it takes about 30 seconds (and is only in 1 BIN file wheras this upload takes only a few seconds when the 1st file is uploaded to 0x00000. This sugests that the data is not being placed in a similar manner to the (902 version)..if that makes any sense?

Also what baud rate does the device default to when the new firmware is loaded?

It would be great to have this functionality I just need to understand how to load the firware up correctly! :D
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By alonewolfx2
#4789 i am trying to get and print time to lcd every second and i am using a timer for this. but ntp_time_update function increasing the time 19 minutes every second. am i missing something?
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    //Time Display///
    char tmp[100];
    os_sprintf(tmp,"%s GMT%s%02d",epoch_to_str(sntp_time+(sntp_tz*3600)),sntp_tz > 0 ? "+" : "",sntp_tz);
    os_timer_arm(&lcd_timer,1000, 1);