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By Slartibartfast
Tomer wrote:The app.flash.bin goes to 0x00000 and the irom goes to 0x40000.

The default baudrate is 115200 unless you changed it using the AT+IPR command.

Thanks for your reply tomer. I have got it to work but not too sure what I did differently :?

I used the XTCOM utility and set the baud to 115200 so at lest the uploads happen much more quickly. (I then tried at 9600 and it worked ok as well).

Another point that is a bit strange is that I didn't seem able to load both files one after another without resetting (power cycling) the WiFi board. This was a bit counter intuitive for me as I'd always try and complete a firmware update seamlessly to try ensure I don't leave the board useless.

Also, for anyone trying to use the other utility ESP8266_fLasher the program stops with a message "Leaving..." and then seems to just hang. This is also disconcerting for the same reason I note above.

Anyway "all's well that ends well"! Thanks very much for providing this function Tomer. Accurate time for >$5 will be a great boon for many projects.
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By Tomer
alonewolfx2 wrote:i am trying to get and print time to lcd every second and i am using a timer for this. but ntp_time_update function increasing the time 19 minutes every second. am i missing something?
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    //Time Display///
    char tmp[100];
    os_sprintf(tmp,"%s GMT%s%02d",epoch_to_str(sntp_time+(sntp_tz*3600)),sntp_tz > 0 ? "+" : "",sntp_tz);
    os_timer_arm(&lcd_timer,1000, 1);

Did you try running at+cipntp? every second? to see if the update itself is working correctly? as it is working fine for me.
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By Tomer
scargill wrote:This sounds great. For those of us who have yet to compile... any chance of re-doing this for SDK 0.9.4 complete with binaries?

Yes, Hopefully I will have some free time tomorrow to take care of this.