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By scargill
#38515 The worst thing about IOT controllers is justifying the cost just to turn a light on and off. Well here is how (for you ESP8266 programmers) to quickly reprogram the inexpensive SONOFF module to do your own thing. As of this afternoon, my desktop light is now under Raspberry Pi MQTT control! More info on the blog here http://tech.scargill.net/itead-slampher-and-sonoff/
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By chris69fr
#42939 Hi Scargill (and anybody reading this!),
I'm VERY interested by your topic... but as I try to go to your blog, I just get "Error establishing a database connection".
Please, is there a way to read your blog?
My idea would be to modify a Sonoff device: to connect 2 relays on 2 outputs of the esp in order to control a curtain motor (it needs 220V on "up" connexion, 220V on "down" connexion or nothing). Then I would need to flash the esp programm on the Sonoff module.
Is your blog the right solution to my issue?
My last question: ewelink app will not allow me to control " up and down" my curtain. Can I change that easyly? Thanks.