The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT
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By Mehrdad Pajuhaan
#74490 Hi guys,
I'm working on ESP8266 TCP/UDP connection with Android (project like smart greenhouse and lighting :geek: ) , Now I want to introduce a visual programming language that anyone can create an applet (small application) on their mobile phone or tablet. 8-)
Additionally this app support Bluetooth, web socket, Cloud, Telegram and many others connection ways.
This application has designed in the field of graphical programming based on cause-effect relationship. Technical field of this invention is computer and electrical engineering reaching much more uses in other engineering fields such as control and Instrumentation engineering, chemistry and agriculture.
This application is a solution for graphical programming base on triggers and actions witch handle all the procedure of control and functionality by graphical programming.
Each block has an input that trigger the action and the output results from the input of the trigger. Each small program includes small elements called graphical block.

Download link:

The main use of Niomatic is to develop and design diverse IOT systems with user-friendly interfaces.
Niomatic can be use in home appliance, industrial and toys manufacturing.