The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By by_doctor
#85573 Hey guys. I am doing project. I have a jsn-sr04t ultrasonic sensor module and its connect D1and D2
I take some data from arduino uno with Nrf24l01. Just take not send.
The other pins connected Nrf24l01 wireless module. Csn - - >D3
Ce - - >D4
The other spi pins connected d5, d6, d7.
But sometimes when i use Esp.restart and Esp.reset it hangs. And i must restart the power. İ found a info. İts says
CSN (Chip Select Not) is an active-LOW pin and is normally kept HIGH. When this pin goes low, the nRF24L01 begins listening on its SPI port for data and processes it accordingly.
And found a another info about nodemcu.
And D3 pin boot failure if pulled low.
D8 pin boot failure if pulled high.
D0 pin high on boot.

So the other pins busy i must connect csn pin D3, D8 or D0.

Which one solve my restart hang problem?