The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By pranavmittal611
#84160 Hi guys.
Project details:
My projects involves 3 ESPs.
First one is AP (Host). On certain actions (which can be anything like pressing button or voice command), I change the value of a variable. I post this value on a webpage. (
I want the other two ESPs (Clients) to connect to this AP and read the value of variable. Based on the value, I want to set their certain pins high or low.
What I need help with:
I know how to set up AP and how to connect other ESPs to it.
But how do I make the two clients read the value of the variable from the host AP ESP? Either directly or via a web page.
I also want the host to host another web page (or maybe on the same page from where clients will read value) where I can directly change value of variable after connecting to AP via phone or laptop.