The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By Rajiv
#84387 Hi,

I am a software engineer by profession. Lately, just last week I fell upon the idea of reviving my childhood hobby electronics. But with serious intentions. As a part of it I want to convert all my conventional 220 V switch to smart switch which not only operates like a conventional switch but also can be operated by a app and Alexa voice command. Being a software engineer building a app wont be a problem but I am stuck with a circuit which can use Esp8266 and relay to create a smart switch. Some thing like sonoff mini or shelly 2.5

I intend to install the smart switch inside existing switch box. I am not willing to buy the switch out of box because it kills the fun, its expensive as lot of import duty, I am concerned of safety.

I believe if I build it I will be more in control of quality.

Can some one help me out where I can get such circuit diagram. Also I am open to any firmware other than tasmota.

If this is not right forum for this post. Please move to right forum and pardon me for the mistake.

Thanks in advance,
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By Luc Volders
#84389 Long time ago I made a setup with an esp8266 that controlled a relay over a webpage AND wit a manual override using switches.
The software is in LUA but can easily be adapted in another language.

Schematics on my site and the software to: ... erver.html

Maybe it helps you a bit further.
I am using cheap relays from china and they only need to be attached with 1 pin to an ESP8266 or ESP32.

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By Hmunayco
#84579 Hello
I tested this circuit and work very well.
I used the nodeMcu v3.0
the 3v is of Nodemcu module and the output is of 3v too.
if you want, you need to use a transistor 2n3904 with 330 ohm resistor to driving a relay to more voltaje.

Good luck
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