The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By Edwardx
#87681 EMQ X Cloud( is an EMQ X( online SaaS service provided by the EMQ team.

In the past few years, EMQ has provided mature MQTT IoT message middleware and IoT platform related support services to many customers. During this period, we have accumulated rich practical experience in IoT platform design, operation and maintenance management. On this basis, we launched EMQ X Cloud, the public cloud service of the IoT platform, and provide EMQ X access platform service with one-stop operation and maintenance escrow and unique isolation environment .

EMQ X Cloud provides secure and reliable two-way communication capabilities for applications and devices. It also provides other value-added capabilities on the basis of supporting large-scale cluster and mass device connections, such as device management, rule engine, data persistence and Kafka data bridge, which covers various IoT application scenarios and retains customization and expansion capabilities.