The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By Luc Volders
#87765 If you are using Google Home in combination with an ESP or other IOT systems you know you can do a lot. You can ask Google to set the lights on, set the lights in a particular color, set the temperature etc. etc. etc.

There is however something that you can not do.........
You can TELL Google to put the light on, but you can not ASK Google if the light is on.
You can not ask Google what the temperature in your room is, or if the backdoor is closed, or if someone opened a drawer or whatever. Well I found a way to achieve this.

So now you can not only command your Google Home but also ask it for the status of sensors.

How is it done.
First you need to load 2 libraries into your ESP32.
Next you need to connect Google Home to IFTTT with a trigger word.

So what happens is that you trigger Google Home with the trigger-word.
Google home sends the request to IFTTT
IFTTT connects to your ESP and activates the libraries.
The libraries then send the sensor info to your Google Home and force it to speak the data.

So sitting in your lazy chair you say:
Hey Google
Home temperature

And after a short moment Google answers with:
The home temperature is xxx degrees.

You can find the complete project, with source code, IFTTT setup and breadboard layout (for temperature) on my web-log:

Easily adaptable for other sensors.