The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By enrico.03
#90155 Hello, everyone,
I’d like to build a thermostat with esp8266 and interface it to Alexa via Sinricpro. I must say that I am not very experienced and practical with the Sinricpro code; for the moment I only took the sample program from Github library "esp8266-esp32-sdk-master" called Thermostat.ino.
I have entered all the data for the Wi-Fi and Sinricpro connection, but at the moment it connects to the Internet (I have the serial feedback) but not to Sinricpro and also from its site is offline.
Do you have any advice?
Thank you

P.S. I enclose the code for practicality
Code: Select all /*
 * Example for how to use Lock device as garage door opener
 * If you encounter any issues:
 * - check the at
 * - ensure all dependent libraries are installed
 *   - see
 *   - see
 * - open serial monitor and check whats happening
 * - check full user documentation at
 * - visit and check for existing issues or open a new one

// Uncomment the following line to enable serial debug output
//#define ENABLE_DEBUG

       #define DEBUG_ESP_PORT Serial
       #define NDEBUG

#include <Arduino.h>
#ifdef ESP8266
       #include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#ifdef ESP32   
       #include <WiFi.h>

#include "SinricPro.h"
#include "SinricProThermostat.h"

#define WIFI_SSID         "YOUR_WIFI_SSID"   
#define APP_KEY           "YOUR_APP_KEY_HERE"      // Should look like "de0bxxxx-1x3x-4x3x-ax2x-5dabxxxxxxxx"
#define APP_SECRET        "YOUR_APP_SECRET_HERE"   // Should look like "5f36xxxx-x3x7-4x3x-xexe-e86724a9xxxx-4c4axxxx-3x3x-x5xe-x9x3-333d65xxxxxx"
#define THERMOSTAT_ID     "YOUR_DEVICE_ID_HERE"    // Should look like "5dc1564130xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
#define BAUD_RATE         115200                     // Change baudrate to your need

float globalTemperature;
bool globalPowerState;

bool onPowerState(const String &deviceId, bool &state) {
  Serial.printf("Thermostat %s turned %s\r\n", deviceId.c_str(), state?"on":"off");
  globalPowerState = state;
  return true; // request handled properly

bool onTargetTemperature(const String &deviceId, float &temperature) {
  Serial.printf("Thermostat %s set temperature to %f\r\n", deviceId.c_str(), temperature);
  globalTemperature = temperature;
  return true;

bool onAdjustTargetTemperature(const String & deviceId, float &temperatureDelta) {
  globalTemperature += temperatureDelta;  // calculate absolut temperature
  Serial.printf("Thermostat %s changed temperature about %f to %f", deviceId.c_str(), temperatureDelta, globalTemperature);
  temperatureDelta = globalTemperature; // return absolut temperature
  return true;

bool onThermostatMode(const String &deviceId, String &mode) {
  Serial.printf("Thermostat %s set to mode %s\r\n", deviceId.c_str(), mode.c_str());
  return true;

void setupWiFi() {
  Serial.printf("\r\n[Wifi]: Connecting");

  while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
  IPAddress localIP = WiFi.localIP();
  Serial.printf("connected!\r\n[WiFi]: IP-Address is %d.%d.%d.%d\r\n", localIP[0], localIP[1], localIP[2], localIP[3]);

void setupSinricPro() {
  SinricProThermostat &myThermostat = SinricPro[THERMOSTAT_ID];

  // setup SinricPro
  SinricPro.onConnected([](){ Serial.printf("Connected to SinricPro\r\n"); });
  SinricPro.onDisconnected([](){ Serial.printf("Disconnected from SinricPro\r\n"); });
  SinricPro.begin(APP_KEY, APP_SECRET);

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(BAUD_RATE); Serial.printf("\r\n\r\n");

void loop() {
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By techstudycell
#91373 HI,
you refer to this article ( ... ant-alexa/ ) to control appliances with Google Home and Alexa using Sinric Pro. You can use the code for references.

Also, visit their GitHub page to check the dependency. ... /