The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By schufti
#90167 if you read millis() 1d 3h 5m 7s after powering up your esp, you will get:
(1*(24*60*60) + 3*(60*60) + 5*(60) + 7)*1000 as value in milliseconds (97507000).

so if millis() gives you 98765432:
it is 98765.432s
or 98765.432/60=1646.0905m or 1646m and (0.0905*60)=5,432s
or 98765.432/3600=27.43484h or 27h and 0.43484*60=26,0905min or 27h 26min and (0.0905*60)=5,432s
same for days, starting with /86400