The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By mariia
#92043 Hey guys! ;)

Blynk recently launched a new IoT platform with out-of-the-box support for ESP8266 with many cool features, including device provisioning and management, data hosting in the cloud, and firmware over-the-air updates, user and organization management, data analytics, all kinds of automations and much more.

Feel free to try it out for free and share your feedback.
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By Luc Volders
#92330 After doing some stories for my web-log on the 'old' Blynk I immediately loved it. It is easy to program, easy to understand, intuitive and looks nice. Next to that the option for a local server (which I used on a cheap Raspberry) makes it dead-cheap.

Here are my objections to the new Blynk:

The local-server option is no more.

In the old Blynk you could do anything from your App. In the new Blynk you need to define data-streams on your PC and set them to Virtual pins or real pins before you can access them on your pnone. So you do need two systems at the same time to work with.

The new Blynk is not intuitive. I had to search how to activate developer mode. Well it is only available in the settings on the PC you can not actiavte it on your phone.

ESP8266 suddenly has 9 pins and 6 analog pins....... How come 6 ??? The chip has only 1.

You have to put your routers credentials in the App on your phone and not in the controller software. If the controller looses power, or you cut the power in testing projects you everytime have to activate the controller through your phone and type your credentials again instead of the controller doing it automatically.

The web editor is much more limited as the Android editor. There are just a few widgets in the web-editor as there are tens in the Android editor.

I tried some widgets in the web editor and never got them to work. Documentation is worthless and nothing is working intuitive anymore.

In the new Blynk you get only 1 device to test with. By far not enough if you want to test interaction between two devices

Do I need to go on ???

The new Blynk is immature move over to MQTT.