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By Davon
#58807 The information on this page...


...showing the setting of the digital pin's function doesn't work as written and I can't find either the library that would make it work or an alternate way of setting the function.

The method shown is pinMode(<pin #>,FUNCTION#). I presume, from the noted page, that the following would work:


but this gives a FUNCTION3 not declared error so I believe either there's a library that's needed (not mentioned on the page) or the term FUNCTION3 s/b replaced with something (not mentioned on the page).

Can someone clarify this and perhaps add the info to the noted page for others to see.
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#71658 YOU'RE THE GUY!
I was looking for this there are many weeks!
I used in GPIO1 as INPUT, but first, I saw that I need to use pinMode(1, FUNCTION_3);

Thank you very much!