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By rudy

Code: Select allOff     Relay3=Off,  Relay2=Off,  Relay1=Off

Low     Relay3=Off,  Relay2=Off,  Relay1=On

Medium  Relay3=Off,  Relay2=On,   Relay1=Off

High    Relay3=On,   Relay2=On,   Relay1=Off

Power is only applied to one output at anytime. Just set the relays for the desired state. I would keep it simple and call a function for each state. Each function turns on/off the relays to match that state.
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By Phaseangle
#76063 I looked at this myself for a ceiling fan with light and believe the sonoff 4 channel pro will do the trick as you can interlock channels both by setting on the board and the no & nc contacts
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By liderbug
#76156 Follow up. I ended up rebuilding my greenhouse RasPi as a hotspot. Distance, building etc makes the main router marginal signal wise ( -86dB and the ghouse ( And, knock on wood, the last 3 days things have worked per spec. :D "Todays temps". [ the graph is generated realtime ] Any time you see a large temp drop in just a few minutes - due to large dark sad crying cloud ...