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By ColinNg
#91016 I have ESP-01 modules that are 1MB Flash, so I thought I would add to the mix of observations seen in this forum:

Code: Select allRevision      | Flash | Power LED | Blue LED   
Blue ESP-01   | 512k  | None      | TX/GPIO1/low
Black ESP-01  | 1M    | Red       | TX/GPIO1/low
Black ESP-01S | 1M    | Red       | IO2/low     
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By QuickFix
#91031 Nothing is stopping you from swapping out the flash memory to something bigger: it's only 8 pins and not contained inside a metal shield, like other ESP's. :idea:
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By eriksl
#91033 I actually have done so for quite some time. But then I realised why bother if the ESP12 has standard 4 MB and more GPIO's available. In the end the ESP12 is even smaller so I don't see why anyone would be using ESP01, only if you're on the level of experimentation with breadboards. The ESP12 isn't even that much more expensive.