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By PhantomZNeuroX
#92912 Hey, so My NodeMCU ESP8266 Module has worked fine so far, i used to use it alot, slowly i stopped using it tht much, Now after 5 months since the last time i uploaded something. Yesterday, i tried to upload a code tht didnt work at all at gave me the following error "MD5 of file does not match data in flash!" At first i was confused, I tried alot of methods to fix this, i tried to flash it with the NodeMCU Firmware that i got from This didnt work either. i Tried reseting the flash, nothing is working....

Any one who has had a similar experience?

Also, I cant remember the last code i uploaded, but I remember i might have flashed the Esp8266 Deauther.

Thanks! I hope its not a hardware issue