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By iotenthu
#49483 Is it possible to use ESP with Xbee...Need some guidance on setting this up..

i will connect sensors to the 2 xbees and use another xbee to collect this data..Then using ESP i want to send this data to internet..Please let me know the details on how this can be achieved
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By GengusKahn
#61678 Have you considered running the WiFi Server from the examples on the ESP8266 and running the Arduino as an I2C Slave?

Look through the sketches here.....
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By JyotiRajSharma
#61679 Hi,

My current configuration-
Arduino tx -----esp8266 tx
Arduino rx-----esp8266 rx
I am now able to load my sketch into esp8266 and transmit sensor data to server via wifi. BUT actually in future, i will be receving data from remote xbee and local xbee+esp8266 will first store and forward to the server via wifi.

In this case, since i have already used tx and rx of arduino to esp8266 tx and rx, how can i connect tx and rx of xbee ?