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By Claude
Sjaak wrote:How do you select between the sma and the antenna? just soldering a bridge or using a 0 ohm resistor?

With a 0 Ohm resistor. When I left out the 5.6pf capacitor to the ESP and solder 2 0 Ohm resistors in , I can even meassure the LDS antenna.

Just got a Tracking number for my boards this morning , they are allready in the delivery car on the way to my doorstep :)
The parts for the boards arrived on monday , I guess I can assemble the first prototype this weekend , yay :D
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By Claude
#1482 Just got the PCBs.

They look quite good for the price (Thanks again Squonk for the hint ;) )

Edit: The black vias aren't dirty (uhh ohh dirty PCB..).
Some of the soldermask is filling the vias and some stay free. The non filled ones appear black on my scanner.

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