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By Cyberek
#78465 Among 2 versions of ESP-01(s?) I have - both on black boards, one with red and blue leds (non "S") and one with only blue led ("S") is also, that the "s" version requires only vcc and gnd to boot from flash and run flashed program, while the "non s" version requires also 3.3v on CH_PD pin to boot correctly (run flashed program).
I'm attaching an image showing both versions:
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By penright
IoTMike wrote:I use deep-sleep mode on these, which means I have to run a jumper from the ESP8266 chip pin 8 (GPIO16) to RST;

I was looking to make some battery-operated push buttons that sent an MQTT message. An instance of Home Assistant would be consuming the message. That means I am going to be researching any battery-saving, for example, deep sleep.

So first thanks, I was getting ready to order some ESP 01 and ran into the question between that and the S model. Your post leaned me to the non-S model. I still have to do my homework, but ...
Any other 30,000 foot words of wisdom on the subject?
Any exceptions on battery life?

May I ask what your application was?