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By michaeltandy
#54875 I'm testing the current consumption of my (battery powered) ESP8266 circuit.

I've read in various sources that in deep sleep mode, current consumption should be somewhere between 10μA and 88μA - but in my tests, deep sleep current doesn't get below 2.6mA. Which is 30-250x higher than advertised.

I tested by placing a 1 ohm resistor in series with the power supply and measuring the current across it. I've eliminated pretty much every other component in my circuit, turned off the status LED, and so on.

I've tested a variety of things trying to reduce this measurement, without success:
* WeMos D1 Mini (ESP-12F module + rt9013 regulator + USB-RS232 + nodemcu reset circuit)
* Plain ESP-12F (pushbutton reset circuit + ams1117-3.3 regulator)
* Powering with 5v via regulator
* Powering with 3.3v ignoring regulator
* Physically removing ESP-12F module's status LED
* Disconnecting txd and rxd
* Adding a 10k pull up to CSO
* Adding 10k pull up / down resistors to unused pins

None of these tests has got the voltage across the resistor below 2.6mV.

Basically, the only things I can think of left to do are (a) remove the regulators entirely, in case they draw current when only their output pin is powered; (b) replace the SPI flash on the ESP-12F with the flash from a module with known good deep sleep performance; or (c) convert my program from arduino to lua or nodemcu in case that makes any difference.

If anyone has any experience getting sub-100μA current consumption, if you could post some details (the language, module type, flash type etc) or any other details of what you needed to do to get that current consumption, that would be great :)
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By schufti
#54890 I made a "weather sensor" from an esp-01 module, an bme-280 and a low leakage/drop 3.3V linear regulator, programmed with arduino ide. The system has a <<100uA deep-sleep current draw during the 15min sleep and an avg. 120mA during its aprox. 4s wake period; running from two recycled LiIon cells for about 3mo allready.
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By michaeltandy
schufti wrote:I made a "weather sensor" from an esp-01 module [...] The system has a <<100uA deep-sleep current draw

Sounds good! How did you measure the deep sleep current?

Some sellers in my country are selling 'improved' esp-01 modules with more flash - do you remember what type of SPI flash your weather sensor uses?

bbx10node wrote:Sparkfun reports 78 uA in deep sleep on their Thing board.

Thanks - I've added that to my list of claims I've seen in different places online. It now stands at: 20μA 10 µA, 60 µA 6mA, 140µA ~3.43mA 40µA to 1.5mA 18µA long, 35µA and 130µA 88µA 77 µA 30mA, 12mA, 700µA, 140µA

So I'm convinced the sub-100µA range can be achieved. Unfortunately, I've checked pretty much everything I've seen in those discussions without success :)