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By buchacho
#55112 I tried searching here, but did not find any mention of the new ESP-12S modules. Does anyone know what the difference is from the previous F model besides removing the pads from the bottom edge? The FCC ID indicates it was recently approved.

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By lethe
#55115 The layout looks cleaner, but apart from the missing bottom pins, there doesn't seem to be any major difference.
See vs.

The new layout is less cramped and only places components at 0° and 90° angles, so I guess the redesign was mostly for assembly reasons (possibly faster/cheaper pick & place, higher yield).
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By buchacho
#55142 The holes are gone inside the pads. I wonder if there are any wifi performance improvements.

*edit* They are the same size.
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By Barnabybear
#55143 Hi, I always suspected that the pins that are missing on this unit were broken out so the the flash could be accessed directly whilst holding CH_PD low. It looks like no one is programing that way so they have been dropped in favor of a slightly smaller form factor. As stated above the new layout may be faster to produce and looks to have slightly better internal clearance to the sreening can.
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