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By Cicero
#41227 Hi all,

I apologise for the delay in responding here. I have done all of this, I just dont have time currently to put the code into a shareable state for posting, so it'll take some time to get it to that point.

If anyone is in need of immediate help though, you can drop me an email on "mark @ cdelec . co . za", and I'll try help you out privately until I have the code and everything in a publicly shareable state.

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By Cicero
#41229 Yeah I do.

I've explained a little back where I pulled some info from, I've adapted a few projects (spi, stacks, udp tcp routing, dhcp, dns) that other people have done with the ENC and integrated it all into the ESP.

I'm not using the Arduino platform, so its all in straight up C. I've also got the MQTT and HTTPD projects working through the ENC as well.
One quite big advantage that this has over some other ENC stacks, is that it can send multiple packets and serve massive webpages through the httpd project structure. I've essentially just mimicked the SDK functionality, so replaced the espconn_sent() functions (etc) to redirect the packet to the ENC, and I take care of the flags above that.

There are some bugs at the moment, but I'll get to those in due time.

Attached is a connection diagram someone wanted previously.

EDIT: Note that these ENC28J60 boards have built in pullups on the CS lines -and they differ for different manufacturers. For this board shown here, its a 10k onboard pullup, and on the ESP there's a 10k pulldown for GPIO15 needed for pulling that line low on startup. I needed to drop the ESP pulldown to 1k (stronger) for this reason.
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By PuceBaboon
Cicero wrote:EDIT: Note that these ENC28J60 boards...

CNLohr's minimal hardware, "party-trick" espthernet, just in case you haven't seen it yet. It's probably not what
the original poster wants. :o But anyway, it's worth cross-referencing here:- ... ore-198174